Whether you need a system developed for measuring outcomes or research conducted on effective programs across the country, I can help your non-profit organization.

Research is the cornerstone of success. To identify programmatic strengths and weaknesses, to convince donors, legislators and voters of the value of your efforts, to quantify client needs -- you require accurate data.

Yet raw facts aren't useful. It is the connections I make between disparate facts, the method I have of analyzing numbers, that turns your facts into useful information to drive your decision-making. Then there are the stories -- the staff and client anecdotes -- that I add to exemplify the numbers and make them come alive for the reader.

I am a researcher. Accurate, detailed, inquisitive, I enjoy finding answers and proving points. I have built databases to track contracts, created complicated database queries on client demographics and services received, and synthesized a myriad of data to find the key lessons to be learned. I also have extensive budgetary experience.

I am also a writer. I can create reports, white papers, memos, webpages, grant proposals, articles, and training manuals on diverse subject matters, such as renewable energy policies, health care, and transportation planning.

I am a former educator. Whether itís training staff in procedures or new content, I can create materials tailored to your needs and then lead training seminars.

I think like a marketer. Having the best data wonít help you if you donít know how to convey it to diverse audiences--legislators, voters, funders, staff, the general public. With my design skills, I can create sophisticated brochures, ads, and other communications materials.

To learn more about how I can help your organization, view the samples of my work located throughout my website, or contact me today.